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Road Maintenance


  • Maintain roads under County jurisdiction, such as grading, gravel, drainage ditches and pipe, and right-of-way clearing (mowing and debris removal). State Roads are usually recognized by S-20 (and then a number) such as S-20-34.
  • Install street signs in the County’s jurisdiction.
  • Install new driveways on county roads, the County will furnish 24 feet of 15 inch concrete pipe at no charge. If additional pipe is needed for a wider or additional driveway, the owner is responsible for the cost of additional pipe.
  • Fill in abandoned wells.
  • Clean out pipe on county roads and driveways.
  • Cut grass at county buildings.
  • Remove storm debris from county roads.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: We install 24 feet of 15 inch concrete pipe at no charge, if more pipe is needed the resident has to pay for the additional pipe.

A: No, we do not fix private driveways. We will install the entrance to the driveway if it is off a County maintained road.

A: The maintenance may include but is not limited to:

  • Grading and applying crusher-run/gravel
  • Installing street name and traffic control signs
  • Installing driveways and cutting back overhanging branches
  • Mowing shoulders, and/or
  • Drainage improvements
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