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Become A Volunteer Firefighter

How To Become A Volunteer Firefighter

What if…
there was no volunteer fire department in your community?

WHO would put out fires?
WHO would rescue people in harm’s way?
WHO would provide prevention and safety information that can stop emergencies from happening in the first place?

What kinds of people become volunteers?
People like you! Whether as firefighters, emergency medical technicians, drivers, or administrative support staff, you can contribute your skills and a heart for service.

What’s required to become a firefighter?
Selflessness, safety, being a team player, integrity, honesty, fitness, courage, caring, compassion, commitment, and competence. The competence will come from training to ensure a job done safely and effectively.

Why do firefighters love what they do?
Helping people, saving lives, protecting property, sense of family and camaraderie with other firefighters, the challenges, the opportunity to keep developing new skills, and the respect and appreciation from the community.

Get started:
Call our office at 803-712-1070 or stop by at 880 West Moultrie St, Suite 300, Winnsboro, SC 29180 to pick up your application.

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