Recycling - Frequently Asked Questions

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A: In 1997, Fairfield County disposed of almost 24,000 tons of solid waste. That’s more than one ton of garbage per person each year. The cost of garbage disposal is increasing in Fairfield County. Recycling can help to avoid some of those costs.

A: Fairfield County residents are required to have “Fairfield County Stickers” on the windshield of their vehicles to enter recycle sites. Stickers may be obtained by submitting proof of residence such as, tax bill or tax receipt, driver’s license, and/or vehicle registration.

How to obtain a sticker if stickers are not available at the recycle site you visit:

1. Visit our office located at:
2067 US Hwy 321 N. Bypass
Winnsboro, SC 29180

2. Email copies of necessary information to:

3. Mail copies of necessary information to:
Public Works
P.O. Box Drawer 60
Winnsboro, SC 29180

4. Stickers will soon be mailed with paid tax receipt.

5. Call for more information 803.635.5209

** Attendants will also periodically ask for license/registration to confirm residence in Fairfield County.

A: Aluminum Products- such as cans, clean aluminum baking pans, clean aluminum foil. Newspaper, Mail Order Catalogs, Magazines, Mixed Office Paper, Telephone books, Cardboard. Papers should be clean, dry, untied and un-bagged. Plastics; all plastic bottles 1 through 7, Used Motor Oil; filters and bottles; Batteries (lead-acid only); Scrap Metals aka “White Goods” such as Refrigerators; stoves; etc. Bulk Waste aka “Brown Goods” such as mattresses; sofas; tables; etc. Yard Waste; brush; leaves; limbs; etc. Tires; carpet padding; paint.

A: No. Contractors must have a permit to haul trash to the transfer station located on the north end of the 321 Bypass next door to the Public Works Office. This permit is obtained at the Public Works Office Building; the person to see is Emily Pauley, she can be reached at (803) 635-5209.