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Sheriff’s Office Divisions

Our many officers, deputies, and investigators do so much. They patrol our county, investigate crime and narcotics cases, secure the safety of our schools, and more. Below, read about each Sheriff’s Office Division to learn about the scope of their roles and how they’re working to keep our county safe.



Our uniformed Patrol Division has 20 officers who break into four shifts with five deputies each. All patrol shifts are 12-hours long and are supervised by a Lieutenant.

Deputies are assigned to one of four zones and are responsible for patrolling over 686 square miles per shift. They answer calls ranging from alarms to homicides.

Should you need to contact a Shift Lieutenant, they are as follows:

For more information Contact Captain Ross Sparks or at (803) 635-4141. He is in charge of the Patrol Division.

Criminal Investigations Division

Our Criminal Investigation team consists of one Lieutenant and four criminal investigators who are collectively responsible for investigating all major crimes and work closely with local and state agencies in solving crimes and bringing perpetrators to justice. This division processes crime scenes, collects evidence, conducts interviews, and obtains search and arrest warrants.

For more information, contact Lt. Bill Dove at Or 803-635-4141.

Narcotics Investigation Division

Our Narcotics team consists of a Lieutenant and four narcotic investigators who are trained in the identification and detection of narcotics. They work diligently to keep drugs out of our community.

For more information, contact Lt. Melissa Cooper at or 803-635-4141.


Our Civil Warrant division is responsible for serving all warrants and civil papers within our jurisdiction. Supervised by Lt. Jarrett Douglas, this division is also responsible for security for all courts including General Sessions, Common Pleas, Family Court, and Magistrates Court.

For more information, contact Lt. Douglas at or 803-635-4141.

Typical fees for civil papers are:

  • Summons/Complaint - $15.00
  • Summons/Petition - $15.00
  • Claim & Delivery - $25.00
  • Writs of Assistance - $25.00
  • Distress Warrants -$25.00
  • Orders of Seizure - $25.00
  • Executions - $25.00
  • Mechanics Liens - $15.00
  • Attachments - $15.00
  • Decrees - $15.00
  • Subpoenas - $10.00
  • Summons for Arbitration - $5.00

School Resource Officers (SROs) & Community-Oriented Policing (COPs)

Supervised by Lt. Steve McDonald, our SROs and COPs are DARE-certified and have completed SRO training. In Fairfield County, we have nine SROs, one working in each of our schools to ensure the safety of our children and teachers.

Our three COPs serve as liaisons between the community and the Sheriff’s Office and are responsible for community activities. Some of these activities include the annual Kids’ Camp, Crime Watch meetings in the community, the Home Alone program for the elderly, child safety seat checks, meals on wheels assistance, church safety programs, National Night Out, boat patrol, and additional activities alongside Serve and Connect.

For more information, contact LT. Steve McDonald at or 803-635-4141.



Lt. Chris Childers is our training officer, and he’s responsible for training all deputies during their four weeks of instruction prior to attending the SC Criminal Justice Academy. He ensures that each Deputy meets the mandatory training requirements every year along with necessary biannual firearms qualification and instruction.

To reach Lt. Childers, email him at or (803) 635-4141.

All of these divisions are supervised by Captain Bruce Ginyard, who you can contact at or (803) 635-4141.


The Administrative staff handles all administrative functions such as incident reporting, sex offender registration, budget, payroll, criminal records, purchasing, receiving and entering all warrants and civil papers, issuing metal permits, FOIA requests, fingerprinting property check requests, and so forth.

The Office is open Monday through Friday 9:00am–5:00 pm.

Victims Assistance Services

We have one full-time Victims Advocate who’s been extensively trained in assisting victims of major crimes and ensuring all of their rights. If you are a victim of crime, please contact Sheryl Ashford at or (803) 635-4141 to see what services are available to you.

Administration/Victim Assistance Services supervised by Lt. Terrie Smith, who can be reached at or (803) 635-4141.

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