12.22.2022 County News

Updated: Fairfield County Cold Weather Safety and Resources

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Fairfield County Cold Weather Safety and Resources 

Winnsboro, SC— December 22, 2022 — The location of the Fairfield County Warming Center has changed to the Fairfield Central High School Gym located at 836 US-321 BYP South, Winnsboro, SC. Residents experiencing power outages can seek shelter and recharge devices on Saturday December 24 from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Fairfield County advises residents for their safety to avoid prolonged outdoor exposure and to check on senior family members and neighbors to ensure their safety. The SC Emergency Management Division provides the following cold weather tips:

  • Dress for the weather outside. Adding layers will keep you warm.
  • Check on elderly and at-risk relatives and neighbors due to the increased potential for power outages and cold temperatures.
  • Bring pets indoors. Ensure livestock have access to potable water (not frozen) and adequate feed.
  • Be aware of possible carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shock and fire if using alternative sources for electricity, heating or cooking. (WARNING: Never run a generator indoors or burn charcoal briquettes. DO NOT leave a fire or candles unattended.)
  • Freezing temperatures can burst water pipes in homes that lack heat or proper insulation. Wrap exposed pipes or take other measures to insulate them from the cold.

For more information about accessing the center call 803-635-5511.