Finance Director (004-000-001)

Office: Administration

Announcement Date: 12/08/2022


Confers with top management concerning budgetary goals regarding funding levels and sources to include cash flow analysis.

Creates and/or maintains a successful County budget system based on accepted government accounting principles and practices.  Forms analyses of present and future budgetary and cash flow concerns. Prepares and publishes the annual budget.

Acts as principle financial advisor to the Administrator and County Council and accounts for expenditures approved by the annual budget.

Is responsible for administering all financial policies, transactions, and activities as approved by the County Council.  Reviews and acts on all issues which impact financial, cash flow, and other operations as requested by the County Administrator. 

Is responsible for formulating and supervising all accounting/data processing methods, procedures, forms, and records.  Formulates and implements internal control procedures.  Establishes policies and procedures in accordance with GAAP and statutory requirements and accepted accounting practices.

Establishes, monitors, analyzes, and reviews all accounts receivables to include landfill fees, photocopy charges, lodging of city prisoners, etc.

Writes and maintains the accounting policies and procedures manual.

Assigns and controls the usage of proper account numbers for a Chart of Accounts for various funds.

Supervises Grant Manager and reporting for County grant funds.

Assists the County Treasurer with reconciling the General Ledger when needed.                           

Maintains computer financial management master files and prepares statistical and debt services analyses.

Evaluates ongoing and future program services and financial software.

Directs and oversees the work of professional and clerical employees engaged in administering the County's financial systems.  Performs such supervisory duties as instructing; assigning, reviewing, and planning work of others; maintaining standards; coordinating activities; allocating personnel; acting on employee problems; recommending the selection of new employees; and recommending transfers, promotions, disciplinary actions, discharges, and salary increases.

Serves as liaison for County financial audits conducted by independent CPA firms, state offices, federal offices, the Employment Security Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, Equifax, FEMA, etc.

Communicates and interfaces with a variety of groups and individuals including County Administrator, bankers, state agency heads, grantors, grantees, vendors, Treasurer, judges, other County employees, etc. At the Administrator’s request, attends Council meetings and prepares analysis for Council.

Oversees the quarterly preparation of federal reports submitted to federal authorities.  Is responsible for the preparation of monthly and special financial reports.  Prepares the annual financial statement as required by the State of South Carolina.  Prepares adjusting entries as necessary.

Regularly monitors and evaluates financial and accounting processes, makes recommendations for improving accuracy and efficiency when needed.


Bachelor's degree in financial management, accounting, or related field and seven years of experience in governmental financial management/accounting field, or any equivalent combination of education and experience which provides the required skills, knowledge, and abilities. Must possess a valid South Carolina driver’s license.



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