EMT - Advanced

Office: Emergency Medical Services

Salary: $49,500 to $51,500

Announcement Date: 12/28/2023

Responds to emergency calls; requests additional resources for the control of incidents as required; ensures safety at the scene.

Performs Advanced EMT life support duties as a member of an emergency medical team.

Provides basic life support and emergency care to the sick and injured; determines nature and extent of injuries and illnesses and assists in making decisions regarding proper courses of action; assists in lifting and carrying patients in and out of ambulance, and transports patients to appropriate medical facility.

Performs such duties as CPR, immobilization and bandaging, wound treatment, control of bleeding, treatment of shock, monitoring vital signs, oxygen administration, sterile suctioning, assisting in childbirth, initial burn and poisoning treatment, and others as permitted according to certification; maintains constant awareness of patient condition; identifies and relays diagnostic signs to medical personnel while in route to medical facility; reports verbally and in writing to emergency room personnel upon arrival.

Assists with extrication and other rescue procedures as necessary.

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