Office: E-911
Salary: $30,500 (uncertified) - $32,500 (certified) ($300/yr exp. factor up to 5 years)

Announcement Date: 10/9/2019
Closing Date: 10/10/2020

General Statement of Job
Under general supervision, performs duties involving the operation of communications equipment to dispatch the appropriate personnel from various emergency services in Fairfield County including the Sheriff’s Office, the City Police Department, fire services, EMS, Highway Patrol, the Rescue Squad, Coroner’s office, Emergency Preparedness Department, the Red Cross, the Detention Center, the Public Works Department, etc. Handles each call promptly and efficiently. Works under stressful conditions. Reports to the Communications Supervisor.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Job Functions

Monitors, receives, records and transmits messages pertaining to law enforcement, emergencies, equipment, and personnel, etc. for various County Departments and agencies. Dispatches personnel from the appropriate office/department including the Sheriff’s Office, the City Police Department, fife services, EMS, the Highway Patrol, the Rescue Squad, the Coroner’s ;Office, the Emergency Preparedness Department, the Red Cross, the Detention Center, the Public Works Department, etc.

Monitors activities of officers on patrol in order to provide for backup if needed; reviews reports and lists posted in the communications center for updates on duty rosters.

Operates computer/printer in order to obtain information on driver’s licenses, vehicle tags, warrants, addresses, etc., transmits information to officers as requested.

Operates teletype linked to National Crime Information Center, CJICS, and SLED to transmit/receive information regarding criminal activity such as wanted person, stolen guns, stolen vehicles, unidentified bodies, criminal histories, sex offenders, missing persons, etc.

Acts as twenty-four hour contact agency for various departments, agencies, etc. including DSS, home health nurses, DHEC, Red Cross, towing services, school maintenance, Animal Control, National Weather Service, Duke Power plant, etc.

Assists the general public by answering questions concerning law enforcement activities and street locations, and referring them to agencies where they may obtain further assistance.

Maintains, collates, and files dispatch reports.

Inspects equipment to ensure it is in proper operating order; reports any equipment in need of repair. Monitors alarms and contacts business owners when alarms have been set off.

Works under stressful conditions.

Works on a rotating shift basis.

Attends required periodic training sessions and seminars.

Additional Job Functions
Performs other related duties as required.

Essential Safety Functions
It is the responsibility of each employee to comply with established policies, procedures and safe work practices. Each employee must follow safety training and instructions provided by their supervisor. Each employee must also properly wear and maintain all personal protective equipment required for their job. Finally, each employee must immediately report any unsafe work practices or unsafe conditions as well as any on-the-job injury or illnesses.

Minimum Training and Experience
High school diploma and one to two years of experience in telecommunications operations, or any equivalent combination of education and experience which provides the required skills, knowledge, and abilities. Must possess NCIC certification and radio communications certification. Must be able to type at a corrected rate of thirty-five words per minute.