Community Planner

Office: Community Development

Salary: $53,329.54 to $74,670.34

Announcement Date: 01/31/2023

Performs and manages complex and sensitive professional planning projects, research and analysis.

Monitors and ensures compliance with local, state and federal laws.

Maintains overall responsibility for determining development and zoning compliance in Fairfield County; reviews and determines approvals and disapprovals of zoning compliance.

Oversees specialized planning functions such as large-scale new development proposals and environmental studies.

Provides overall management of division-related planning issues.

Advises the Community Development Director on all planning-related matters.

Advises various councils, boards, commissions and elected officials in planning-related issues. Serves as liaison and performs all necessary functions in support of Planning Commission. Assigns work to professional staff and ensures appropriate training is provided.

Evaluates operations and activities of assigned responsibilities.

Prepares reports on operations and activities, recommending improvements and modifications Handles sensitive personnel matters.

Participates in budget preparation and administration, monitors and controls expenditures. Attends substantial number of evening and weekend meetings.

Ensures that equitable enforcement of the zoning and development ordinances is carried out, and that legal guidelines regarding public notice, property owner notification, time considerations and proper procedures are followed by division personnel.

Is responsible for subdivision regulations and for administering the flood damage prevention ordinance.

Reviews and approves/disapproves plats, plans and signs. Reviews and approves permits. Processes zoning applications and appeals.

Assists Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Councils, committees and community organizations as required. Attends related meetings and makes presentations as requested.

Coordinates development and zoning approval with other Planning and Public Works departments and divisions.

Administers and coordinates updates of the Comprehensive Plan, including mandatory elements pertaining to population, economic development, natural resources, cultural resources, community facilities, housing and land use.

Formulates recommendations regarding the development of water, sewer, roads, open space, industrial recruitment, zoning, geographic information systems, impact assessment and other functions of the County.

Assists in the development and implementation of various policy and legislative decisions and inter-governmental agreements made by Council and County Administrator.

Generates, compiles and maintains demographic and statistical data related to both long- and short- range planning needs of the County.

Ensures the maintenance of accurate files and information to support a variety of projects. Oversees the maintenance of permanent records of zoning maps and text amendments, variances, special exceptions, appeals, rezoning’s, public service uses, etc.

Analyzes zoning ordinances and makes recommendations for improvement as appropriate. Prepares reports and graphic display materials descriptive of department research and recommendations.

Receives and responds to public inquiries and complaints regarding planning and zoning issues. Presents information at public hearings as required.

Receives, reviews, prepares and/or submits various records and reports including plats, site plans, signs, drawings, business licenses, building and sign permits, photographs, purchase orders, zoning applications, zoning charts, checklists, memos, correspondence, etc.

Interacts and communicates with various groups and individuals such as the County Administrator, County Council, Planning Committee, Board of Appeals, co-workers, subordinates, County department heads and employees, attorneys, engineers, architects, realtors, property managers, consultants, utility companies, chambers of commerce, elected officials, business and industry leaders, citizen groups and the general public. 

Other elated duties as assigned. 

Salary based on education, skills and experience. 

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