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911 Address Information - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to post my 911 address? Yes, this is very important. It makes it a lot easier for people, such as emergency services and home deliveries, to find you. Your number should be posted on the face of the building in plain view from the street on which the building is addressed. The green …

Agency Quarterly Report

Agency Quarterly Report

Agendas & Minutes

All Agendas and Minutes of Fairfield County Council, including Regular Meetings, Special Meetings, Work Sessions and Committee Meetings. Also contains select meeting recordings.


Fairfield County Airport is owned and operated by Fairfield County. The General Aviation Airport has a 5243’ X 100’ paved runway and 30 hangars available for rent.

Animal Adoption Center

Adoption fees are per animal. An adoption application must be completed and approved before any person or persons are allowed to adopt an animal from our facility. A home visit and reference check may be required before an application is approved.

Animal Control

The mission of Fairfield County Animal Control is to provide efficient and effective animal control to protect the life and property of citizens, to provide a safe and humane facility for those animals that are stray or unwanted, and to minimize the number of euthanized animals annually.


Welcome to the Fairfield County Assessor’s Office. We welcome the opportunity to serve the citizens of Fairfield County, South Carolina and surrounding areas.

Assessor’s Office - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the best tax rate for my home? If you own a residence, you want to be sure to obtain the 4% assessment ratio if you live in the residence as your primary place of residency. All properties that are not owner-occupied will be assessed at a 6% assessment ratio. To obtain the 4 …

Assistance for Seniors

Over the years, you may have heard that the United States government is continually offering different types of grants for different groups of people. But did you know that some of these grants are crafted for seniors?


The duties and responsibilities of the Fairfield County Auditor are prescribed primarily in Title 12 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina and within the regulations as established by the South Carolina Department of Revenue (DOR) and the Comptroller General.

Boards & Commissions

The various Boards and Commissions established by the County government each perform a vital service to this County. They serve the public good and help make the quality of life in the County better for all. It is, therefore, the expressed intent and desire of the Council that all citizens of the …


Learn more about Fairfield County, South Carolina

Budget Ordinances

View Annual Budget Ordinances by selecting online documents below: 2007-2008 Budget Ordinance 2008-2009 Budget Ordinance 2009-2010 Budget Ordinance Executed 2010-2011 Budget Ordinance Executed 2011-2012 Budget Ordinance Executed 2012-2013 Budget Ordinance Executed 2013-2014 Budget Ordinance …


Boasting temperate year-round weather, an inviting and friendly community, and a growing, well-trained workforce, it’s no wonder why many companies have already chosen to call Fairfield County home.

Calling 911 - Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call 911? Any emergency requiring an immediate Fire Department, Ambulance, or Law Enforcement Officer response is reason to call 911. When shouldn’t I call 911? Incidents not requiring an immediate response from a Fire Department, Ambulance, or Law Enforcement Officer are better …

Clerk of Court

The Court of Common Pleas is the court of general jurisdiction over civil cases in Fairfield County except those cases in which the amount or value of property in dispute is less than $7,500. Cases involving money or property totaling less that $7,500 are heard in Small Claims Magistrate’s Courts.

Clerk of Court - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for filing a civil case? Parties instituting a civil action in a circuit court are required to pay the filing fee at the time the case is filed. The current fee is $150.00 for most civil actions; a fee of $10.00 is assessed for the filing of a Lis Pendens if not accompanied by a …

Code Enforcement - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fairfield County Code Enforcement? Code Enforcement is a service provided by Fairfield County to ensure compliance with the County’s Ordinances in an effort to maintain community standards. Code Enforcement’s mission statement is to “Provide for overall health, safety and welfare of …

Community Development

The mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to sustain acceptable community standards that provide for the overall health, safety, and welfare for the community in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.


The Coroner is a county official who is elected to serve a four year term. The Coroner has jurisdiction over all deaths investigated by his office.

Coroner - Frequently Asked Questions

It is necessary for me to come to the Coroner’s Office to identify the body? No, in a majority of the cases, visual identification is not necessary to positively identify the deceased. Why is an autopsy performed? The Coroner authorizes an autopsy when one is needed to establish the cause and …

Correctional Officer

Job Title: Correctional Officer Department: Detention CenterSalary: $32,000 uncert. - $33,000 cert. ($300/yr exp. factor) Grade: 14 Announcement Date: 8/14/2019Closing Date: Until filled GENERAL STATEMENT OF JOB Under limited supervision, performs a variety of semi‑routine duties which ensure …

Council Meeting Information

Meeting Location All meetings are held in the County Council Chambers, located on the 2nd floor of the Fairfield County Government Complex, 350 Columbia Road, Winnsboro, South Carolina 29180. Click here for a MAP. Meeting Schedule The Council shall convene its regular meeting for the transaction of …

County Audit Reports

View Annual Financial Statements by selecting online documents below: 2008 Financial Statement 2009 Financial Statement 2010 Financial Statement 2011 Financial Statement 2012 Financial Statement 2013 Financial Statement 2014 Financial Statement 2015 Financial Statement 2016 Financial Statement 2017 …

County Auditor - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we pay property tax? Property tax is collected by the local government to provide for the many services most of us take for granted. Schools, police and fire protection and public libraries are possible because of revenue from the property tax. We all pay our share of the cost of these …

County Council

The Fairfield County Council is the elected governing body of Fairfield County.

Delinquent Tax Collection

Overview of Delinquent Tax Collection Delinquent Taxes On or about March 17th of each year all property taxes that have not been paid in the Treasurer’s office become delinquent. The property is turned over from the Treasurer’s office to the Delinquent Tax Collector’s office. On or about …


Title: DeputyOffice: Sheriff’s OfficeSalary: $37,000 uncert. - $37,500 cert. ($200/yr exp. factor) Announcement Date: 3/8/2018Closing Date: Until filled To Apply: Send applications to P.O. Box 387, Winnsboro, S.C. 29180Email applications to Statement of JobUnder …

Detention Center

The mission of the Fairfield Detention Center is to protect the community, staff, inmates and property while remaining fiscally responsible in meeting the needs of Fairfield County.

Detention Center - Frequently Asked Questions

When can I visit an inmate? Visiting times depend upon the classification of the inmate. Pre-sentenced inmates may be visited Monday through Thursday for 30 minutes each visit by appointment only.Inmates placed in Administrative Segregation or Protective Custody may be visited on Fridays for 15 …

Diesel-Automotive Mechanic

Job Title: Diesel/Automotive Mechanic Department: Vehicle MaintenanceSalary: $35,000 - $41,000 (depends on qualifications)Announcement Date: 7/5/19Closing Date: Until FilledGENERAL STATEMENT OF JOB Under general supervision, is responsible for inspecting, diagnosing, repairing, and performing …


Title: DriverOffice: Transit SystemSalary: $13.00/hr. (As needed)Grade: 9 Announcement Date: 10/30/2018Closing Date: Until filled General Statement of JobUnder general supervision, drives bus to transport passengers over specified routes to local or distant points according to time schedule …

Economic Development

FCED is a full-service economic development organization, providing existing industry support and site and building selection assistance for new and expanding industries. Additionally, the office provides demographic and labor statistics, wage and benefits surveys and relocation support.


With a healthy public school district and close proximity to nine colleges and universities, education and job skills training are right in your front yard.

Election Results

Official election results for Fairfield County, South Carolina.

Emergency Management

Fairfield County Emergency Management supports emergency responders and our citizens in their effort to prepare for, protect against, respond to, and recover from emergency and disasters.

Emergency Medical Services

Fairfield County EMS


Title: EMT-BOffice: Emergency Medical ServicesSalary: $33,500 - $36,500 ($300/yr. exp factor up to 10 years) Announcement Date: 3/19/2018Closing Date: Until filled Fairfield County EMS is looking for Full-time EMT-Basics and EMT-Advanced. If interested, Please complete an application and return to …

Endless Adventure

Whether you’re drawn to the peace and quiet of the great outdoors, the thrill of hunting, fishing, and motorsports, or the spectatorship of year-round sporting events played at the highest level, Fairfield County is smack in the middle – or just a short drive away – from every bit of it.

Estate Administration

If there is a Will, this must be filed with the Court within thirty (30) days from the date of death. The majority of estates will come under the informal procedures. There are no notices required or hearings unless demanded by an interested party pursuant to South Carolina Code of Laws, § 62-3 …

Fair Housing

Fairfield County Council desires that its citizens be afforded the opportunity to obtain Fair Housing Choice without the occurrence of discrimination and rejects discrimination in the provision of housing on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, or disability.

Fairfield County Veterans of Honor

Webster Anderson Harold McGill Renwick Leon Darvin Flanders Rank of Medals and Awards Medal of Honor (Army)Distinguished Service CrossDefense Distinguished Service MedalDistinguished Service Medal (Army)Silver StarDefense Superior Service MedalLegion of MeritDistinguished Flying CrossSoldier’s …

Festivals & Events

Fan-favorite annual festivals like Rock Around the Clock, Pig on the Ridge, and others provide great times for residents and visitors to move their feet, satisfy their appetites, and find their next great treasure.


The Finance Department maintains the fiscal integrity of the County’s financial records. This Office reports the results of the County’s operations and changes in its financial position to various interested parties, such as state and federal grantors, regulatory agencies, and concerned taxpayers.

Fire Service

The mission for the Fairfield County Fire Service is to protect the citizens, of Fairfield County by preserving life, property, and promoting fire safety education.

Fire Service Life Safety Initiatives

1. Define and advocate the need for a cultural change within the fire service relating to safety; incorporating leadership, management, supervision, accountability and personal responsibility. 2. Enhance the personal and organizational accountability for health and safety throughout the fire …

Fire Services - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a burn permit number? Call 1-800-986-5162 What am I not allowed to burn? The only items that are legal to burn are yard debris. Homeowners can generally burn yard trimmings if local ordinances allow it and it does not cause public nuisance. You ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BURN the following …

Fire Services Upcoming Events

Morning County Training has moved to Fire Service County Training Page SCFA Offers Online Registrations To better serve our Fire Academy customers, we have implemented a fast, easy, and secure online registration system. Students may register for a catalog course as soon as it becomes available and …

FOI Fee Schedule

Freedom of Information (FOI) Fee Schedule If records are in an electronic format there is no charge.

Genealogical Society

The Fairfield County Genealogical Society provides volunteer services for assistance in the research facility (second floor) and features public educational speakers and programs throughout the year. Research requests can be sent in query to, visit their website for …

Grant Projects

Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office Public Service Announcement: What is Distracted Driving? Distracted driving is any activity that could divert a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving. All distractions endanger driver, passenger, and bystander safety. These types of distractions …


Fairfield County Grants Coordinator The main duties of the Grants Coordinator is to develop, prepare, and submit grant proposals to federal and state agencies for the various departments of Fairfield County by working with department directors to develop and write proposals. The Grants Coordinator …


The main duties of the Grants Coordinator is to develop, prepare, and submit grant proposals to federal and state agencies for the various departments of Fairfield County by working with department directors to develop and write proposals.

Guardianships & Conservatorships

In the State of South Carolina, a guardianship involves the appointment of an individual (a guardian) to handle personal and custodial matters for an incapacitated person (ward). The incapacity may be mental deficiency, mental illness, physical illness or disability, advanced age, chronic use of …


No matter where you are in Fairfield County, you’re never far from quality healthcare.


Fairfield County is rich in history. From the longest running clock in America to colonial buildings, the County has many historical attractions.

History of Fairfield Fire Services

In 1971, a group of individuals from the Winnsboro Mills area of the County decided that fire service was needed in their area. As a result, the first active fire station in Fairfield County was born-Community Fire Department. The Mitford Station, which had been the first rural fire station, had …

Home Page

Welcome to Fairfield County, South Caronlina

How to become a Volunteer Firefighter

What if…there was no volunteer fire department in your community? WHO would put out fires?WHO would rescue people in harm’s way?WHO would provide prevention and safety information that can stop emergencies from happening in the first place? What kinds of people become volunteers?People like you …

Human Resources

The Human Resource Department mission is “to provide leadership that fosters the growth and development of all employees through proactive, innovative and quality customer service” that covers all aspects of Human Resources.

Involuntary Commitment (Mental Health Issues)

What is involuntary commitment? If you have personal knowledge of an adult (a person 18 years old or older) or child who suffers from mental illness or chemical dependence (alcohol or drug addiction) who is endangering himself or others and is unwilling to get help, the person may need involuntary …

Items Accepted for Recycling in Fairfield County

AluminumType of items: Food & Beverage cans, foil, and clean pie platesHow to prepare items: Rinse and flattenWhere to recycle: All Recycling Centers AppliancesSee Crap Metal Batteries, Lead-AcidType of items: Batteries from automobiles, boats, motorcycle, lawn mowers, etc. No alkaline …

Job Openings

To view current job openings, please select from the links on the right in the Department Menu.

Kennel Attendant

Job Title: Kennel Attendant Department: Animal Control Salary: $12.00/hr. Announcement Date: August 8, 2019 Closing Date: Until Filled SPECIFIC STATEMENT OF JOB Under regular supervision maintains a sanitary and safe facility for lost, unwanted and/or abandoned animal in the County. Follows …

Killian Road Express Route

Killian Road Express Killian Road Express is a new service that Fairfield County Transit will be implementing in partnership with the Comet. The bus will leave Fairfield County Transit and stop at 10 locations around town before proceeding to the Killian Road Superstop. You may transfer to the …


The Fairfield County Library is a charming little library in the midlands of South Carolina. We are equipped with the latest technology, and our friendly staff is always ready to assist. Citizens in rural communities especially appreciate the Internet access and our strong Wi-Fi signal.

Library FAQ’s

How do I get a library card? You can register for a card at either the Main Library or the Ridgeway Branch. Adults and children 12 and up must provide name, address, phone number, and some identification. Children under 12 must have a parent present to sign the application form. How long can I keep …

Local Attractions

Naturally, a wide variety of local attractions appeals to a wide variety of people, and the residents of Fairfield County welcome all with a smile and willingness to share. Wherever you go, friendly locals will greet you along the way.


The Fairfield County Magistrate Court strives to treat all persons having business in the court equally and fairly, regardless of race, creed, or stature.

Magistrate Listings and Hours

Magistrate’s Office is closed for lunch every day, 12:30 - 1:30 PMMagistrate R FeasterOffice Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM, Closed for lunch 12:30PM-1:30PMMagistrate P. SwearingenOffice Hours: Thursday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Marriage Licenses

To the full extent permitted by the Constitution, the Probate Court has exclusive original jurisdiction over all subject matter related to the issuance of marriage licenses; including recording and indexing of marriage; and issuing certified copies of the license. It is unlawful for any persons to …

Millage Resolutions

View Annual Millage Resolutions by selecting online documents below: 2005-2006 Millage Resolution 2006-2007 Millage Resolution 2007-2008 Millage Resolution 2008-2009 Millage Resolution 2009-2010 Millage Resolution 2010-2011 Millage Resolution 2011-2012 Millage Resolution 2012-2013 Millage …


The mission of the Fairfield County Museum is to preserve the history of the county through the collection of significant artifacts and interpretation of the personal stories of its citizens.

New Winnsboro Local Route

New Winnsboro Local Fairfield County Transit System operates a Deviated Fixed Route Service that circulates around the Town of Winnsboro and Outline areas.The Winnsboro Local will be extending its hours of operations and service area to provide more accessibility to Fairfield County residents.The …

Online Forms & Documents

Find online forms and documents you may need.


Title: ParamedicOffice: EMSSalary: $53,700 - $56,800 ($300/yr exp. factor up to 10 years) Announcement Date: 4/20/2015Closing Date: Until filled Fairfield County EMS is looking for Full-time Paramedics. If interested, Please complete an application and return to: Fairfield County Human ResourcesP.O …

Parks Locator

Adger ParkAddress: 5817 Old Airport Rd., Winnsboro, SC 29180Hours: Dawn to DuskFeasterville Mini ParkAddress: 7892 Ashford Ferry Rd., Blair, SC 29015Hours: Dawn to DuskWillie Lee Robinson ParkAddress: 17460 Newberry Rd., Blair, SC 29015Hours: Dawn to DuskShelton Mini ParkAddress: 2758 Shelton Rd …

Probate Court

The Probate Judge is elected countywide and serves a four-year term. Judge Pamela W. Renwick currently serves as Fairfield County Probate Judge.

Probate’s Office - Frequently Asked Questions

What estate planning documents should I have? Everyone should consider having the following estate planning documents: Last Will and TestamentDurable Power of Attorney for business affairsHealth Care Power of AttorneyDeclaration of a Desire for a Natural Death (Living Will) In South Carolina, how …

Public Notices

Find online forms and documents you may need.

Public Works

Our goal is to provide quality services to the public utilizing the most efficient and effective means and resources available.


The mission of Fairfield County Procurement Department is to provide professional services to all.


Whether you’re drawn to the recreation found in nature, or the excitement of sports and large scale entertainment, you’re just moments away from the action in Fairfield County.

Recreation - Frequently Asked Questions

What Athletic programs does Fairfield County Parks and Recreation offer? We offer football, flag football, soccer, cheerleading, basketball, tee ball, softball and baseball. Football and flag football registrations take place in August. Flag football is for ages 6-7. Football is for ages 8-12 …


Whether you’re drawn to the recreation found in nature, or the excitement of sports and large scale entertainment, you’re mere moments away from the action.

Recycling & Convenience Centers

Find recycling and convenience centers in Fairfield County

Recycling - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I Recycle? In 1997, Fairfield County disposed of almost 24,000 tons of solid waste. That’s more than one ton of garbage per person each year. The cost of garbage disposal is increasing in Fairfield County. Recycling can help to avoid some of those costs. What are the requirements …

Recycling 101

What is Recycling? Recycling is placing items that can be made into new products or materials in the recycling bin or taking them to a drop-off center. But, there’s a little more to it than that. Recycling is a three-step process. 1) The first step is collection — that’s when you put your …

Responsibilities of the Tax Collector

This Department DOES: Sends out notices for past-due taxes on real property, personal property and merchants inventoryCollects and process delinquent tax payments and redemptionsSeizes property for non-payment of taxes, in accordance with SC Code of Laws/Title 12Plans, conducts and manages tax …

Responsibilities of the Treasurer

The Office of County Treasurer: Collects real, personal, motor vehicle and other taxes and fees and disburses the allocation of these funds to County government, municipalities, the School District and special taxing districts in Fairfield CountyMaintains records of all revenues collectedManages …

Road Maintenance

Responsibilities Maintain roads under County jurisdiction, such as grading, gravel, drainage ditches and pipe, and right-of-way clearing (mowing and debris removal). State Roads are usually recognized by S-20 (and then a number) such as S-20-34.Install street signs in the County’s jurisdiction …

Arts & Culture

From popular annual festivals to art galleries, national historic sites, and museums, Fairfield’s culture provides fun, entertainment, and learning opportunities for all ages.

Sheriff Department Divisions

Sheriff Montgomery’s Office consists of the following divisions: Senior StaffAdministrative StaffInvestigationsCivil ProcessCOP’sNarcoticsVictims AdvocateSRT TeamAnimal/Litter ControlTraining

Sheriff’s Office

It is our mission to provide security and safety to our citizens by serving and protecting the public interests and constitutionally guaranteed liberties to individuals by enforcing the laws and ordinances in this county.

Solid Waste & Recycling

Frequently Asked Questions Why should I Recycle? In 1997, Fairfield County disposed of almost 24,000 tons of solid waste. That’s more than one ton of garbage per person each year. The cost of garbage disposal is increasing in Fairfield County. Recycling can help to avoid some of those costs …

Staff Contacts - Assessor’s Office

You may contact any of our staff at one of the phone numbers listed below: 803-712-6520 803-712-6521 802-712-6725 NameTitleExtensionGuerry HensleyAssessor4024Jeff BruortonDeputy Assessor4028Jessica EvansAdmin Assistant4025Jim ThompsonField Representative4027

Tax Collector

The Fairfield County Delinquent Tax Collector’s main function is the collection of delinquent taxes. Those taxes include Real Estate (Land, Buildings, Mobile Homes, etc.), Personal Property (Boats, Motors, etc.)

Tax Collector’s Office - Frequently Asked Questions

When do taxes become delinquent? Taxes become delinquent each year on March 17th, unless it falls on a weekend or holiday. Will I get a tax bill once the taxes become delinquent? Yes, a delinquent tax notice is mailed around the first of April and if not paid a certify delinquent tax notice is …

Transit System

The Fairfield County Transit System is a department of County Government operating under the authority of the County Administrator. The County operates both a demand response and a deviated fixed route transportation service.

Transit-Go Route

Fairfield County Transit System In an effort to increase Fairfield County Transit System visibility, build awareness of service capabilities, improve user friendliness, enhance general public access to services, and to increase ridership Fairfield County Transit System will be implementing several …


We strive daily to meet the needs of our taxpayers. We welcome and appreciate any comments or suggestions that may make paying taxes more convenient for you.

Treasurer’s Office - Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being charged for taxes on the vehicle I just purchased when the dealer paid the taxes for me? The dealership paid your state sales tax to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The dealer is allowed to pick up your registration and license tag on the purchased vehicle without paying local …

Veteran’s Affairs

Veteran’s Affairs of Fairfield County provides education and assistance to Veterans, dependents and their survivors of their rights and entitlements under various federal and state laws.


Eager crowds from around the Carolinas and beyond join us annually for festivals and events celebrating the deliciousness of BBQ, the rich history of the area, and the moving art created by our residents.

Voter Registration & Elections

The mission of the Fairfield County Board of Voter Registration and Elections is to ensure every eligible citizen has the opportunity to register to vote, participate in fair and impartial elections, and have the assurance that their votes will count.

Weather Conditions Broadcast on NOAA Weather Radio - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a weather Watch? A watch is used when the risk of a hazardous weather or hydrologic event has increased significantly, but its occurrence, location, and/or timing is still uncertain. It is intended to provide enough lead time so that those who need to set their plans in motion can do so …

Weather Radio Programming

NOAA Weather Radio Programming Instructions S.A.M.E. stands for Specific Area Message Encoding and it allows you to program your radio with your county (and surrounding counties if desired) so you only get alerts that are in your local area. This technology eliminates all other alerts for areas …

Where to Shop

Head to downtown Winnsboro or Ridgeway to check out artist studios, gift shops, and antique stores. If you’re looking for mall or shopping center environment, nearby Columbia and Charlotte are home to a variety of national and local retailers.

Winnsboro Local Route

Winnsboro Local (Monday – Friday)Bi-Lo Plaza & Hwy 321 Business 7:00 AM 10:30 2:00 Lamplighter Apartments Drive 7:02 10:32 2:02 Hwy 321 Business & 11th Street 7:05 10:35 2:05 Golf Course Road & Doty Road 7:10 …

Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a federal program administered throughout South Carolina by the Workforce Division of the Department of Commerce.