Treasurer’s Office - Frequently Asked Questions

A: The dealership paid your state sales tax to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The dealer is allowed to pick up your registration and license tag on the purchased vehicle without paying local property taxes. South Carolina law allows you a 120-day grace period to pay the property taxes on a newly-acquired vehicle.

A: A problem has occurred in the normal process if you have not received your registration and decal from the Department of Motor Vehicles within ten (10) days of payment. If you do not receive your decal within ten days, you will need to take your paid receipt to our local DMV located at 1161 Kinkaid Bridge Road in Winnsboro.

A: The most common reason for higher vehicle and property taxes is that the County’s millage rate has been increased. The millage is set annually by County Council.

A: There are certain qualifications and requirements for discounts.

  • Vehicle – high mileage discount (Contact the Auditor’s office at 803-712-6525)
  • Property (Owner-Occupied). For information on Homestead Exemption — owner is age 65 and over, totally and permanently disabled, or legally blind, contact the Auditor’s office at 803-712-6525. For Residential Credits, contact the Assessor’s office at 803-712-6520. For information on credits for Land, 5 or more acres with no residence, 6 with residence, contact the Assessor’s office.

A: We don’t redeposit returned checks. Our office sends notice to you that we have voided your payment, charged a $25 returned check fee, and will accept only cash, money order, or certified check for the total taxes due and the fee and any real estate penalties that may apply. There is a ten (10) day delay before collection proceedings are turned over to the Magistrate’s Court.

A: Most mortgage companies contact our office for your tax information and send payments between the end of December and the first penalty date. If you have an escrow account please contact your mortgage company before sending in a payment and if you have questions about their making payment.

A: We are required to honor the US postmark. If your payment is postmarked on or before the due date there will be no penalty or late charges.

A: The Treasurer’s office sends refund checks to taxpayers for their overpayments and also for assessment or other adjustments determined by the Auditor or Assessor.