New Winnsboro Local Route

General Information

  1. Fairfield County Transit System operates a Deviated Fixed Route Service that circulates around the Town of Winnsboro and Outline areas.
  2. The Winnsboro Local will be extending its hours of operations and service area to provide more accessibility to Fairfield County residents.
  3. The service will be operating on a fixed time schedule but will all residents to call for a deviation up to 2 miles off of the route.
  4. Be ready to pay fare when you board the bus. Bus drivers cannot make change.
  5. All Fairfield County Transit buses are fully equipped with a lift and a mobility aid securement area with space for two to four mobility aids. The bus driver will provide assistance with normal boarding or exiting, mobility device securement and operation of the lift. Bus drivers are required to secure all mobility aids before the bus can leave the transit stop.
  6. Due to the fact that Fairfield County Transit will be making deviations and being ADA Compliance their maybe slight delays on the times.
  7. The new fare for this new extended service will be $1.00 and the deviations will be .25 for the 1st mile and .50 for the 2nd mile.
  8. Children age 10 years or older can ride unattended. Children under 10 years old must have a fare paying customer age 16 or older. Children 1 years old and younger can ride for free with a paid fare adult customer.
  9. The route is outline as followed with times and pickup locations.