Forfeited Land Commisson

The Forfeited Land Commission is a commission established by the State of South Carolina which consists of the County Treasurer, Auditor and Register of Deeds, who serve without compensation. The purpose of the Forfeited Land Commission is to effect the sale of lands forfeited in pursuance of the South Carolina Code of Laws, 1976, as amended 12-51-55; whereas the Delinqeunt Tax Collector at the tax sale submits the bid on behalf of the Forfeited Land Commission equal to the amount of all unapid taxes, assessments, penalites and cost. At the end of the redemption period, properties held by the Forfieted Land Commission will be disposed of pursuant to the Policy and Proceudres established by the Commission in the best interest of County.

For more information on Forfeited Land Commission, see the South Carolina Code of Law at Title 12, Chapter 59.


Peggy Hensley
Fairfeild County Auditor

Judy Bonds
Register of Deeds

Norma Branham
Fairfield County Treasurer