Animal Control
James H. Hill, III
2065 U.S. Highway 321 ByPass North
P.O. Box 60
Winnsboro, SC  29180
Phone: 803-635-9944
Fax: 803-712-6512
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM



If your pet is lost or missing please complete the appropriate form found on the left hand side of the screen and contact our office as soon as possible.


If your pet is at our facility, there is a $10.00 per day impound fee plus a $25 return to owner fee for the first offence and $50 Return to owner fee for each subsequence offence.  Additionally, proof of current rabies vaccine/ownership is required.  Remember after 10 days all animals become the property of Fairfield County Animal Services.


Also, if you are interested in adopting an animal please use one of the links on the left to visit our Adoption Center website or Adoption Center Facebook page for a list of available animals.



Stray Animals Listed Below!!!!!

DogBull Terrier MixRuddyMale No D2016121
DogBull Terrier MixBlack and WhiteFemale No D2016124
DogBull Terrier MixBlackMale No D2016125
CatDomestic Short HairWhite and BlackMale No C2016072
CatDomestic Short HairBlack and WhiteFemale No C2016073
DogBully MixBlackMale No D2016129
DogHoundBrown and BlackMale No D2016127
DogBully MixBlack and WhiteMale No D2016140
DogBully MixBrownFemale No D2016141
DogBully MixBlack and WhiteFemale No D2016142D
DogFrench Bulldog MixBlack and WhiteFemale No D2016144
CatDomestic Short HairBlack  No C2016084
CatDomestic Short HairBlack and White  No C2016085
CatDomestic Short HairWhite and Tabby  No C2016087
CatDomestic Short HairWhite and Black  No C2019086
DogBully MixGrey and WhiteFemale No D2016146
DogBully MixBrindle and WhiteMale No D2016147
CatDomestic Short HairCalicoFemale No C2016089
CatDomestic Short HairBlack  No C2016088
CatDomestic Short HairCalicoFemale No C2016090
CatDomestic Short HairBlackMale No C2016091
CatDomestic Short HairWhite and BlackFemale No C2016092
CatDomestic Short HairBlack  No C2016096
CatDomestic Short HairBlackFemale No C2016095
CatDomestic Short HairGrey  No C2016097
CatDomestic Short HairBlackFemale No C2016094
CatDomestic Short HairTabby  No C2016093
CatDomestic Short HairCinnamon  No C2016103
DogLab MixBlackMale No D2016160
DogBully MixWhiteMale No D2016180