Workforce Investment Act - WIA
Tonya Jones, WIA Project Director
96 US Hwy 321 ByPass
Winnsboro , SC  29180
Phone: 803-635-2812
Fax: 803-635-1707
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a federal program administered throughout South Carolina by the Workforce Division of the Department of Commerce. WIA has a statewide board appointed by the Governor that is comprised of business owners, state government officials, educators and private citizens with guided policy for all WIA-funded programs. WIA programs help businesses meet their need for skilled workers and provide individuals with access to training that helps them prepare for work.

Purpose of this project is to assist WIA –eligible Adult and Dislocated Worker customers gain employment or career advancement leading to economic self-sufficiency. The strategy of the program is to assist customers in becoming employed, maintaining employment, achieving earnings gains that leads to self-sufficiency and obtaining employment or enhancing credentials as appropriate to the customer’s needs.

The WIA office has the responsibility for recruitment of customers to come to the WIA Office and the SC Works offices for services in accordance with activities developed by the Grantee, SC Works and other partners in the SC Works system.

Customers who are interested in WIA services will complete the on-line orientation session at the Fairfield County WIA office to determine whether they might benefit from more intensive services offered by WIA, or other non-WIA funded partner services. In order to make a WIA registration decision, a self-assessments is completed, the WIA staff will coordinate with other partners that may render services in which will be more helpful to the customer with a successful completions of goals and objectives for long-term employment.

Intensive Services provided to WIA Registered Adult and/or Dislocated Worker customers.
1.  Comprehensive Assessment
2.  Development of Individual Employment Plan
3.  Group Counseling
4.  Individual Counseling and Career Planning
5.  Case Management for those seeking Training Services
6.  Short-Term Prevocational Services

WorkKeys Assessment
All WIA register participants must be WorkKeys assessed in Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics and Location Information.


Q. What services do we offer?
A. We provide services to Adults/Dislocated Workers who needs assistance with finding employment which will allow them to be self-sufficient.

Q. Who’s eligible for WIA?
A. Any one who meets the poverty income guidelines or displaced from employer due to lay-offs or plant closure.

Q. Where do I go for information about WIA?
A. The Fairfield County WIA office and SC Works offices.

Q. What are the requirements for program participation?
A. Certification of eligibility must be completed before entering the WIA program by the certifying officer.