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There are 22 Voting Precincts within the County.  Your precinct and the location are listed on your voter registration card. If you lose your card, call us and we can tell you what precinct you are assigned to, or, visit the South Carolina Election Commission website link below:

The polls are open from 7AM to 7PM on Election Day. State Law now requires voters to show a photo ID when voting in person.  The Voter must present one of the following forms of identification in order to vote: 

  • Fairfield County, SC issued voter registration card with photo
  • Valid South Carolina driver's license 
  • Picture identification card issued by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, (DMV).  
  • Military ID issued by the Federal Government
  • US Passport    

 Please refer to for more information on the Photo ID Law. 




The Cut-Off For Absentee In-Office Voting Is 5:00 PM the day prior to any election.
 Applications for absentee voting can be requested by the voter in person or by phone.

Any registered voter who meets one of the seventeen (17) reasons that are allowed by law can vote by absentee ballot. The most common reasons are: 

  • Persons age 65 or older 
  • persons on vacation 
  • Physically disabled persons 
  • Members of the Armed Forces, Merchant Marines, American Red Cross, US Government employees, their spouses and dependents residing with them 
  • Students, their spouses, and dependents residing with them, who are away at school 
  • Employees who will be away because of employment on Election Day 
  • Persons attending the sick or physically disabled 
  • Certified poll workers, poll managers, and poll watchers

Assistance in marking a ballot is allowed, if the voter is blind, illiterate, physically handicapped, or because of age. If you need assistance, you may choose anyone, except an employer, an agent of an employer, or an officer or agent of your union. 

If your precinct is not handicapped accessible, you may vote curbside at your precinct. This service is available for voters who cannot stand in line because of a disability. You may also vote by absentee ballot. 

Chairman Betty M. Trapp, Vice Chairman Carolyn Y. Prioleau, John H. Glenn, Sr. Donna C. Royson, Alice H. Rice, Robert D. Drake, Thomas B. Chase



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